2022 IT Staffing Trends Wrap-Up: Lessons Learned and What to Expect for 2023

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The year 2022 has been a rollercoaster for the tech industry with massive layoffs, reshuffling, and hiring. Big tech companies have continuously been cutting jobs and freezing hiring, while small to midsize companies are opening their doors to more IT and other tech professionals. Many companies are searching for talented tech workers to help them meet rising demand.  

The hiring is still continuous in the US. Many companies are still hiring tech workers. This rapid growth is expected to continue into 2022 and beyond. Many companies are still willing to do what they can to hire suitable candidates. This has led to a tight job market and increased competition for top talent. Some critical hiring trends of 2022 are:  


  • Cloud Computing  

There is an increased demand for cloud computing skills. Cloud computing has become essential for businesses of all sizes during the pandemic. As remote work becomes more common, companies need employees with expertise in cloud-based applications and storage, as this technology is proven to increase productivity and efficiency.  


  • Cybersecurity  

There has been a renewed focus on cybersecurity in 2022. The past year has seen a dramatic increase in cyberattacks as criminals take advantage of the chaos the pandemic has caused. Businesses have been looking for IT professionals with solid cybersecurity skills to help protect their data and systems from attack.  


  • Data Analytics  

As businesses try to comprehend and act on processing more information, data analytics abilities have become highly sought after. Companies are rapidly leveraging data analytics as a competitive advantage. The increased availability of data, combined with the advent of cheaper and more sophisticated analytical tools, has enabled companies to develop powerful new methods for interpreting customer behavior and acting on that information. As a result, data scientists have become essential to an organization’s decision-making process.  


  • Artificial Intelligence  

The concept of artificial intelligence (AI) is not new. These days, it permeates every aspect of business, even small businesses. AI is increasingly commonplace across all business levels, from start-ups to well-established global organizations. From big tech in Silicon Valley to small businesses, AI is becoming ubiquitous across all levels of business. Artificial intelligence has been penetrating many industries and taking over tasks like image recognition, customer service, and data mining.  


  • Agile and DevOps  

Agile is a software development methodology that is gaining popularity. Projects are divided into manageable chunks of work and delivered in quick cycles when using agile. This methodology has the advantage that every project stage may be assessed after each cycle, allowing for modifications before moving on to the following task. DevOps is a method for controlling software application development, testing, and release cycle. DevOps integrates development, stage management, quality assurance, and production operations to enable quick, continuous delivery of applications and services.  


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IT Staffing Trends To Expect in 2023

The IT industry is one of the most rapidly-evolving industries out there. What’s popular today may be passé tomorrow. So, it’s no surprise that staffing trends in the IT industry change just as quickly. If you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve, it’s essential to know what staffing trends are on the horizon. Here are four IT staffing trends to watch out for in 2023:   


  • The Chief Information Officer’s (CIO) role in the company will keep changing. The CIO will have a more significant strategic role in the corporation as organizations become more digital. They will decide on strategic moves to keep the company’s network systems afloat through updated, secure, and efficient measures.  


  • The use of agile approaches will spread. Agile methodology will keep growing in favor among IT firms due to the demand for speed and flexibility. Agile approaches are spreading exponentially, reports show it will reach USD80 billion by 2032. Agile methodology is a powerful way to tackle the challenges of uncertainty and complexity in the modern world. It allows companies to innovate continuously and offers higher levels of customer engagement and responsiveness.  


  • Cloud-related talents will become more in demand. As more businesses invest in the cloud, IT teams need access to cloud-related knowledge. This can entail outsourcing some of the job or training and employing staff with skill sets connected to the cloud.  


  • Security issues will continue to be a priority. Security is a critical responsibility for all firms, not just those in the IT sector, as data breaches frequently make the news. Even businesses that may not be in the IT industry need security and are not immune to security challenges.  


  • Getting the best talent faster through the most efficient and cost-effective ways will also be in trend. Many companies have used the latest AI technologies to consume less time in the hiring process. Others have been using the help of staffing firms specializing in their industries—a cost-effective and efficient way to lock down your candidates.  


How to Lock Down the Best Candidate  

To lock down the best, you must first identify what you are looking for. This may include specific technical skills, experience with certain tools or technologies, or even just a specific type of personality. Once you understand what you are looking for, you can begin reaching out to potential candidates.  

You can contact prospective candidates in a few different ways. A popular job board or your firm’s website are two places to publish job listings. Another approach is to speak with potential hires personally by attending industry events or networking.  

You need to respond immediately as soon as you get in touch with a possible applicant. To learn more about the applicant and decide if they would be a good fit for your organization, arrange a preliminary phone screen or video interview. Offer something as quickly as possible if it seems a good fit. Another business is more likely to snag them the longer you wait!  

You may be busy with urgent business dealings, and recruitment is a process you need help with. Employing a staffing firm can make the recruitment process a breeze for your business. Signing that contract with the best candidate can help further grow your business.  



With the tech industry continuing to experience rapid and exciting growth every year, you must be proactive in your approach to hiring. The best way to do this is by partnering with On Demand Group. We can help you stay on top of emerging technologies and identify candidates who are not only qualified but also ready for what’s ahead.  

Reach out to us and our staff can guide your business through the process of developing an all-encompassing IT department with our cost-effective recruitment processes. For many organizations, the challenge of hiring top talent has gone from a head-scratcher to an all-out migraine. The disparity between the number of available and qualified candidates is growing, salary expectations are going through the roof, and the result is a widening skills gap for employers 

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