IT Professionals Day 2023: Celebrating the Brilliant Minds Driving Technological Innovation 

IT Professionals Day 2023: Celebrating the Brilliant Minds Driving Technological Innovation 

IT professionals are shaping the digital world and optimizing the way we accomplish work in various industries. With a deep appreciation for their contributions in our daily lives, let’s celebrate their efforts and successes this IT Professionals Day 2023.

In this blog, we discuss the occasion, how you can celebrate the IT experts around you–including yourself and have a look at the leaders in the field and their achievements.

Celebrating IT Professionals Day: What is It? 

Employment in the IT industry has seen constant growth over the last decade. Even though there was a significant decrease in the tech workforce in June 2020, employment in IT rose again and over 3 million from April 2022. It is now at a peak of nearly 3.12 million employees as of January 2023. Additionally, tech employment is even expected to surpass 6.1 million by 2032.¹

This is how many people are making our professional and personal lives run smoothly with their technological expertise. Without them, work processes will be disrupted, data will more likely be put at risk, and our connections with acquaintances and loved ones won’t go as smoothly.

Thus, IT Professionals Day was coined to recognize the IT leaders and employees who have dedicated their skills and efforts to keep our business flows and digital experiences secure and innovative. The occasion is celebrated annually on the third Tuesday of each September.


#ITProDay: How to Celebrate the IT Professionals You Know, Including Yourself 

If you’re looking to celebrate the IT professionals in your life, here are a few things you can do for IT professionals appreciation day.


Acknowledge your IT friends and colleagues through social media.

Celebrate your IT friends and colleagues on social media! Show your pride and appreciation by sharing their contributions and how they’ve improved your work life. Highlight their expertise and skills to guide others on who to approach for specific issues.

Who knows? Your posts might even create new opportunities for them. Don’t forget to mention IT experts you admire and recognize their impact on the industry. Join the conversation with #ITProDay.


Organize IT co-mentorship programs at work.

You can foster growth and collaboration within your tech team by organizing co-mentorship programs. Utilize the diverse expertise and work experiences of your IT professionals to learn from each other. Encourage colleagues to share their strengths and brainstorm together on projects.

This will not only build trust and collaboration but also make everyone more flexible through shared knowledge.


Broaden your expertise with a new certification.

Celebrate IT Professionals Day by expanding your expertise through new certifications. This allows you to enhance your effectiveness at work and open doors to new opportunities within your current organization or beyond.

Here are some certifications you may choose from:

  • ITIL and IT Service Management
  • Google Cloud certification
  • VMware certification
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) certifications

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Notable IT Professionals to Admire This 2023 

In 2015, women represented only 8 percent of tech leaders, but by 2022, that number rose to an encouraging 14 percent.² This progress highlights the important contributions of women and other minorities in the industry.

To celebrate this diversity, we’ve compiled a list of outstanding men and women IT experts who are making significant innovations in their respective fields. Let their achievements inspire you to excel in your own area of expertise and know that you, too, can make a remarkable impact in the tech world.


1. Claire Hughes Johnson- Former Vice President at Google

Johnson spent 10 years of her career as Vice President (VP) for Google. She worked as VP for their Global Online Sales, for Google Offers, and for Google [X], Self Driving Cars.

On top of managing projects and leading teams, she made a significant impact on the company through her adeptness in conducting job interviews. She hired people who were highly self-aware because she believed these individuals are more motivated to learn and can relate better to the people they work with.

Johnson now works as the Corporate Officer and Advisor at Stripe, a financial infrastructure platform for businesses.


2. Tejas Chopra – Senior Software Engineer at Netflix

Tejas Chopra is an expert in creating on-premise cloud-native distributed systems at scale, API & micro-services, and software as a service (SaaS).

As a Senior Software Engineer at the streaming media company Netflix, he initially had a focus on building the Netflix Drive, a media-aware cloud file system. He eventually switched his focus to developing transfer and storage solutions for Netflix Studios. His work empowers artists to create content from any part of the globe.

As an International Keynote Speaker, he built his brand by sharing his expertise, such as topics on Cloud Architecture, Micro-services, Software Development, Blockchain, and Distributed Systems, at conferences. He also provides advice to businesses on how to harness Blockchain and the Cloud in building privacy-preserving solutions.


3. Alicia Asin – Co-Founder and CEO of Libelium IoT Technology

Back in 2006, Alicia Asin co-founded Libelium with David Gascon and has been working as its CEO since then. She has a focus on the tech revolution that is the Internet of Things (IoT).

She has received various recognition throughout her career. She was the first woman recipient of the National Young Entrepreneur at the 2014 Spanish Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs (CEAJE). In 2017 she won the Jaume I Award for her career in entrepreneurship. The following year, the European Commission recognized her as the 2nd winner of Women Innovators.

Asin participates in international conferences as a speaker on issues regarding Smart Cities and the IoT. She emphasizes how technology can positively impact jobs and the environment and raise awareness of privacy challenges and future ethics.


4. Moin Khan – Global Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Managing Director of XenTegra India

Moin Khan believes that the most essential part of success is knowing he made a difference that benefited other people. He finds that successful companies and individuals have an unshakable devotion to their goals and an unflinching willingness to overcome their challenges.

Khan has established himself in the industry with more than 20 years of global experience in leading and guiding Professional Services Management Teams.

He advocates for connecting to the digital workspace and effective value-selling through understanding the customers’ needs, goals, and challenges and translating to them how services and products can empower them to achieve objectives.

As the CTO for all divisions at XenTegra, Khan implements and develops solutions that are reliable, cutting-edge, and user-friendly.


5. Shyamala Prayaga – Senior Software Product Manager of Conversational AI: Deep Learning at NVIDIA

Shyamala Prayaga has always been fascinated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and has always focused on developing user experiences for cutting-edge technologies. She is a self-driven evangelist for Conversational AI technology and UX as she recognizes the advantages of voice tech evolution to society and culture.

As NVIDIA’s Senior Software Product Manager of Conversational AI: Deep Learning, Prayaga is steering Speech AI GUI product suites by owning its roadmap and collaborating with cross-functional teams in making it happen.

Prayaga’s other notable contributions are leading user experiences for voice applications for Amazon and Voicebox Technologies. She also worked as a Product Owner Digital Assistant at Ford Motor Company, where she led the roadmap for chatbot and voice innovations for their vehicles, both traditional and autonomous.


6. Harsha Bennur – Senior Director of Strategy for Digital Natives at Microsoft

Harsha Bennur has been working at Microsoft for over 20 years, taking on various leadership roles. She has stayed with the multinational technology corporation for years as she believes Microsoft’s mission inspires her and deeply resonates with her. Bennur’s leadership roles at Microsoft have always been focused on empowering people to achieve more.

Her current role covers aligning Microsoft segments working with startups, ISVs, and Industry Disruptors. Bennur provides insights and helps create a consistent operating model and GTM approach to drive customer and partner growth worldwide.

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Thank an IT professional You Know!

Let’s take this day to appreciate the people who made our modern lives easier and more comfortable. If you know any IT professionals at work or within your families, give them your sincerest gratitude. They deserve to know their work is important to us all.



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