Future Forward: Essential Tech Breakthroughs from CES 2024

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Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, the world’s largest consumer electronics and information technology exhibition, unveils modern technology.  

Here are some outstanding tech breakthroughs that showcase how innovation should really be.  

1. The World’s First Transparent MicroLED Television Screen 

Product engineers and specialists will drown you in terminology when explaining the transparent MicroLED screen.1 We are here for something else; this product forces market players to rethink the status quo. Like some of Samsung’s other innovations in the past, this MicroLED Screen also pushes the boundaries on what an existing concept can be shaped into. It is a masterclass in reimagining existing products and redefining their aesthetic. 

However, the screen was more than just about its aesthetics. Compared to some of the finest screens by the manufacturer, the MicroLED panel was significantly brighter. The humble glass panel did not look like a television screen at all. The astonishing looks may or may not pick up in the market, but it did challenge all competitors to try and do something bold and remarkable. 


2. New AI Smart Home Agents 

LG launched its smart home platform ThinQ. This platform connects to the company’s home appliances like laundry machines, cooking stoves, ovens, and refrigerators. The platform then uses agents to customize user settings based on their needs, much like home assistants by its competitors, but this home robot has face and user recognition. 

It is equipped with machine learning, making it more responsive to context and preferences. The agent tailors itself to suit the needs of multiple household members at once. Furthermore, it brings generative AI to help you with domestic chores.  

What’s more interesting is that you’re not just asking an AI assistant to search for answers on a search engine, but sending voice prompts to build guidelines and narratives for you as you go through the day.  


3. AI-Powered Hologram 

Holobox launched its AI-powered Hologram at the event as well. It works to bring new meaning to interconnectedness and engage employees and customers. Do you need a board meeting without the featured member? Try a hologram. The company believes not every flight is worth the fossil fuel it burns. If a hologram can handle it, then why not? 

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4. AI Robot Companion Called ‘Ballie’ 

Another AI-centric robot companion, named Ballie, was launched.2 But it takes the game two notches up with autonomous driving abilities to move around the house for tasks that require movement—designed to work as an addition to the family. 

It can connect devices within the house to coordinate chores and routine work. Plus, Ballie can learn from users’ daily routines, adjust to their needs, and deliver personalized services. It can project videos on the wall or floor, adjust the music volume to accommodate calls, and give out instructions across family members. 


5. GeForce Super GPUs 

The transformation of consumer electronics is incomplete without the transformation of GPUs. With advancements in computing abilities, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, it surpasses our previous decade’s lineup of GPUs. NVIDIA is making it possible through its new models in the series, the RTX 4080 Super, RTX 4070 Ti Super, and RTX 4070 Super GPUs; this will be a game changer for adopting on-device AI tasks. 

Businesses that want inspiration to innovate can take a lesson from NVIDIA. They grab what’s hot in the market, build something that is going to be cheaper than its alternative yet better performing, and then launch it as the tech event of the year—That sounds like a winning recipe! 


6. An AI Mirror for Mental Health 

Speaking of what’s hot in the market, Baracoda launched its BMind smart mirror to support mental health—and it’s also powered by generative AI.3 

Talking mirrors have the reputation of disturbing individuals, as children’s storybooks would have you believe. This one is meant to be different. It is equipped with the functionality to understand your mood and then offer affirmations, visuals, and stimuli to improve it. 

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7. An All-In-One Gravity-defying Robot Window Cleaner 

OMNI showcased how it revolutionized every aspect of commercial and domestic cleaning, from grass, carpets, floors, air, ceilings, and windows. Following their ‘Robotics for All’ mission, the newest product in the DEEBOT lineup, X2 COMBO, is the first intuitive cleaner with robotic arms to support hand-free operation and detail work like drapery or furniture.  

Their concept is to reimagine what robot cleaners can do and make them as close to the finesse offered by human cleaning as possible. This market hit a dead end when maximum upgrades on the new robot cleaners were battery time improvements or speed-related. X2 COMBO competes in detail, becoming a lesson on competitive strategy: build a strength that no other competitor is thinking about. 


8. Alpha 11 AI processor 

LG also launched its Alpha 11 processor chip for its OLED televisions and works to reinstate and improve the image quality through an AI processor at run time. According to the brand, Alpha 11 will have four times the processing power and speed of the Alpha 9. LG focused on consistent improvement, making existing products outdated today.  


9. Palm Recognition Smart Lock for Your Door 

Another improvement that deserves its spot in CES 2024 is Philips’ keyless, codeless smart lock. It recognizes your palm and unlocks the door for you. It works with a Wi-Fi connection and has a deadbolt that uses its built-in palm scanner. It can store up to 50 palm vein prints at a time and identify the hands of people of all ages—even if they are dirty. 

It works with their mobile application for home appliances and blends in with the rest of the technology. This shows not all transformation must be radical. Sometimes, a few essential upgrades can make up for a monumental difference in the eyes of the public. 



The CES 2024 revealed a lot of new products coming onto the market. Each one of these products is backed by years of research, months of planning, and dedicated teams of specialists. These efforts help their businesses cement their reputation, position them as thought leaders, and keep competitors on their toes. 

Your businesses do not need to operate in the consumer market to understand the rapid transformations leading brands undertake. Whether digital transformation and technological revamp serve as stepping stones for something even greater, such as a large project, a complete overhaul, or a minor update in the grand scheme of things, technology trends demonstrate that every business will require them in some shape or form. 

So, which areas of your business are you reimagining? 

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