On-Demand Group Humanistic Technology Services

As a company, we specialize in matching the our team members with companies we are proud to partner with. We focus on delivering award-winning services for contract and project consulting, contract-to-hire, and direct hire technology needs while building authentic partnerships with our clients. Our goal is not only helping someone find their next opportunity but help both job seekers, team members and companies build lasting connections, lifelong careers, and have real impact.

Contract Consulting

Keeping your company streamlined and profitable is extremely important. You can easily cut down on overhead costs while ensuring that your company is technologically driven and secure with our consulting services.

Project Based Consulting

With ODG’s project capability pillars we have a designated team that can help you tackle your project and achieve business objectives.

Contract To Hire

Hiring the right person for a position within your company is an important task and the ability to mitigate risk is critical in these times. Our "try before you buy" program gives you the comfort that when you do make a full-time offer to an applicant, they fit the role and the culture. We are here to broaden your pool of applicants and find the right candidate for a contract to hire basis.

Offshore Support

As your company grows and new technological hurdles and threats emerge, you need to expand your capabilities to rise to the challenge. You can easily bolster your IT capabilities by utilizing our extensive offshore support offerings. Help save your IT team time and money, streamline your processes, add experience and skillsets, and add serious flexibility with our offshore support.

Launch Pad Program

Our Launch Pad Program helps companies find junior talent while preparing them for the workforce with various boot camps and mentoring programs. If you want to learn more about how you can create a pipeline for junior resources and prepare for future growth while molding new talent to your culture, our Launch Pad Program is perfect for you.

Direct Hire Services

Finding the right employees for your company can be exhausting, especially when you are looking for someone who is an expert in a complex field like technology. With over 25 years in the Minnesota and national marketplace, we have the network and reputation to tell your story and find the right team members that not only match your technology needs but also fit your culture.

Success Stories

Find out how other companies are benefitting from our technology solutions and consulting expertise.


Greenfield Development to Standing Up QA

A customer specializing in engineered manufacturing needed to create immediate scale and maturity for development and support of digital platforms and CRM system to meet consumer and distributor needs.

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Operations, Application Delivery, and Data & Analytics

A customer specializing in educational services needed additional technical resource bandwidth to support an existing application with development, testing and support.

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Professional Services

Hybrid On/Offshore Teams Support Development and QA Initiatives

A customer specializing in language translation needed additional development resourcing to help with new feature development and enhancements to core business legacy software.

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