Sometimes It Just Doesn’t Work Out: How to Spin a Termination

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Anna is your usual office worker who gets her coffee before heading to the office. She is just as excited to return to the office after a good few years of lockdowns and uncertainties. But today she is asked by her boss for a quick chat. Her boss tells her that her employment is being terminated, shocking Anna.  

This is an experience that many have had. Maybe you or a loved one have had your fair share of contract terminations and non-renewals. Yet a termination is not a reflection of your whole being. It can be due to factors that are sometimes beyond your control. These are still part of your employment journey and are all valid. Reflecting on the lessons, you can learn from your employment history is a good start on moving forward this new year!  

During job interviews, there are many ways to spin a termination in your favor. The recruitment staff of the company you are applying for may not even be interested in how the termination happened. But you still have to be prepared. So, ask yourself the following question, how can you look at termination differently?  

People of their working age can hold an average of 12 jobs. It is normal to have different work experiences, and there is nothing to be ashamed of if termination is one of the reasons for it.  


Regrounding After a Termination

Before venturing into the job-hunting scene, remind yourself that a termination is the beginning of something new. As it is the end of an experience with another company, it opens new opportunities you may not have even dreamed you deserved. Reground yourself and consider the following:  


  • What were the reasons for the termination?  

Losing your job can feel hazy. When you are ready to talk to your supervisor, ask for the reasons. If possible, also ask your previous company’s HR or former co-workers. As you listen to them, be objective and only focus on points for improvement. This can help you recalibrate your work ethic for the better and help you in your career ahead.  


  •  What does your termination story tell?  

While talking to a new company’s recruitment staff, keep your story concise. Do not make yourself nor any person from the company a villain. Assure the recruitment staff that it was a needed learning curve and that you have grown much from it. The recruitment staff will be a lot more interested in your growth journey.  


  • Are you willing to be in the same industry?  

Look back and re-evaluate whether you want to be in the same industry. Were you in a department that made you feel too comfortable? How long were you in the same industry, and are you willing to stay? For some, a termination can cause them to pivot careers. Consider looking into other tasks in tech, admin, or communication that you need more experience in as a start.  


  • Are you ready to get back into the job market?  

A termination can be a difficult and emotional experience to go through. With this in mind, you have to ask yourself if going back to work is something you want to do. Termination pushes for a period of reflection as your day-to-day activities are different due to the lack of employment. Use this time to determine what you want from the job market and search for new jobs. Remember that you are mentally, physically, and emotionally deserving of returning to the job market despite your termination.  

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  • What are your goals and what do you want to achieve?  

Is the field you are in the one you see for yourself until retirement? Can it prepare you financially for retirement? Knowing your goals can help when you return to the job market. No one truly knows what they want in life. However, choosing a path and plans to achieve it can make for years well-spent.  

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Evolving After a Termination

Pain and trauma can be a catalyst for growth. Use it as an opportunity to grow and evolve professionally. The termination can lead to you reconnecting with your loved ones and reflecting on the good days ahead. Hindsight is 20-20 because there are other more exciting adventures beyond your previous work experience. Here are some ways to move forward:  


1. Have the Motivation to Upskill  

Upskilling can make you a more attractive candidate to new employers. Recruitment staff will consider periods of upskilling as productive periods. There are several online and offline opportunities to upskill. If you are interested in switching fields to tech, you can look into online courses from different providers such as Coursera, Udemy, Code Academy, EdX and many more. Offline opportunities include apprenticeships and internships in various fields that could be available in your area.  


2. Renew Your Self-Awareness  

Self-awareness is necessary; you can learn it in many situations, including through terminations. Your workplace can sometimes cloud your concept of self. Understanding yourself is sometimes an exercise of processing and overcoming the trauma of a termination. Being able to separate yourself from your work and workplace is a healthy mindfulness practice.   


3. Network, network, and network some more  

Now is the best time to review your resume and contacts. As you look for new jobs, look into connections and support systems both personally and professionally that can ease your way back into a job. Check previous co-workers and look into their companies. Ask if they have openings that fit your profile. Another way is to foster a relationship with a staffing firm, as partnering with a staffing firm is free.  


Cultivate a Meaningful Relationship With a Staffing Firm

When an employee loses their job, it can be a difficult and emotional time. During this time, keep in mind that other options and opportunities are available. One option is to cultivate a meaningful relationship with a staffing firm. You can explore new possibilities and discover the ideal career with the help of a staffing firm. They can provide support and direction while the recruitment is happening.  

There are many staffing firms to choose from, so research is essential to find one that aligns with your values and needs. Once you’ve found a good match, reach out and introduce yourself. Be honest about your situation and what you’re looking for in a new opportunity.  

On-Demand Group is one of them. We invest significantly in our people and technology to ensure that candidates and clients have a superior experience. We put great effort into matching suitable candidates with the appropriate clients, focusing on true business and complete transparency.   

We’ve been operating for over 25 years and developed our company on solid principles. We have been proudly woman-owned and certified for more than 12 years. We give every candidate a fair shot at working with the clients we help and allowing them to realize their full potential.  

Build an integrity-rich partnership with a lasting impact with us. Together, we are better. Contact us today! 

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