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The past year has been a wild ride for most job markets. From big tech companies shifting to fully remote work to massive layoffs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, this past year has been anything but stable. Luckily, a few industries have remained steadfast throughout this upheaval, with industries like IT in a more robust and in-demand position than ever before. If you are thinking about starting a career in IT or are looking to advance yourself at a great company, there has never been a better time than now. You can easily find remote or in-person opportunities in IT by clicking here. As a whole, the IT field is looking stronger than ever. Here are some of our insights into the IT market as this year continues to progress.

A Candidate’s Market – Be Prepared

Companies are in major need of industry-leading IT professionals. With so many people working remotely and many large companies having to manage hundreds if not thousands of remote access to servers and other secure spaces, IT experts are dealing with unprecedented risks and challenges. These added risks to companies have put IT professionals in an amazing position, with companies willing to pay top dollar for qualified candidates. Not only has pay gone up over the past few years, but companies are also offering 100% remote work and are expediting their interview process in an effort to secure great talent.  According to Brad Rudolph, one of our Senior Recruiter, “Candidates and companies are both adjusting to the changing landscape of the job market. Most candidates don’t realize the extent of their increased options until they open their job search. Companies are learning that in order to compete for the right talent, an expedited hiring process and flexibility are key.”

As a whole, the IT field is extremely healthy, with a major need for more qualified candidates to enter the job market. If you are interested in changing careers or want to further your career in IT, your dream job is just a click away.

Too Many Jobs, Not Enough Candidates – Engage Wisely

The IT job market has continued to skyrocket, with hundreds of companies across the US actively pursuing IT experts. With all of these openings and such a shortage of qualified candidates, companies are looking to expand their scopes and bring people in from both overseas and at a lower skill threshold. Many companies are looking to outsource their IT needs to offshore support groups such as On-Demand Group’s team in the Philippines. This has made it easier than ever for IT professionals working outside of the US to make an extremely competitive wage without all of the costs of living in a major US city.

Not only are hundreds of major companies looking to bring in IT solutions from overseas, but many companies are accepting applicants with a lower skill proficiency. By utilizing training programs to bring in entry-level employees into the IT field, companies are incentivizing people to transition into the IT field. Even though the market is extremely competitive right now, it is important to remember this quote from our Senior Recruiter Sarah Robinson, “The job market will level out eventually so conducting yourself professionally and keeping an open line of communication is critical in order to avoid burning bridges.” Playing games or leveraging a company’s offer to try to get your current employer to counter can implode, causing long-term effects and damage to your reputation in the IT marketplace. It’s a small community and people in the industry frequently knowledge share.

Companies Who Shift Can Thrive – Play Smart

With so much competition in the IT field, it can be a daunting task to think about hiring a new member of your IT team. From huge wage increases and counter offers to the sudden lack of applicants in the market, IT positions can be one of the hardest to fill. You can save your company time and money by utilizing an industry-leading IT consulting company like On-Demand Group to help negotiate, manage, and expedite the process; however, your internal process and preferences more than likely will need to adjust as well. If there is an option to hire remote, this opens a whole new base of potential candidates to recruit. Companies outside of our state are already poaching Minnesota talent heavily and wooing them with flexibility, attractive industries and/or pay. Move along your internal processes to ensure candidates don’t get stuck in the interviewing “black hole”.  Too many other companies are shortening their hiring process to ensure they capture the best talent before others get to the table with offers. Try to streamline the interview-to-hire process to 5 days to ensure you get the talent you want. When offers are being made, be prepared for counteroffers by the candidate’s current employer – budget properly and don’t negotiate offers down after budgets have been set, offer what the candidate asked for when they applied or don’t interview them at all. Be flexible in the skill sets you are looking for verses trying to combine too much into one role. If you use a partner like On-Demand Group, heavily increase your communication on what you feel you may need over the next 12 months so partners like us can effectively pipeline which reduces competition and the time-to-hire cycle.

Contact On-Demand Group to find an IT solution for your needs today. Our team can help your company quickly and easily navigate the complex process of establishing a comprehensive IT strategy with a solution that fits your budget. From remote/contract/offshore IT resources to engaging a project consulting team, we can help you acquire the talent that best fit your needs and culture.

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