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A virtual space that mimics the real world—how people interact with each other, how we use things, and how we experience places—that’s the simplest depiction of the metaverse. It’s a new adjacent world for connecting people and creating moments and memories. As a tech professional, you may have encountered this idea recently and heard of Meta Platforms, Inc. (formerly Facebook, Inc.), taking the lead and paving the path to the metaverse.  

Alongside this evolution of the virtual world, changes are afoot in various industries, business opportunities will surface, and new jobs will arise. The metaverse is indeed a huge tech development; thus, it’s essential to keep up with the trends it brings.   

From viewpoints on how this innovation will change the world to specific virtual jobs, this article can be your one-stop guide as we share with you everything you need to know about the metaverse. 


How the Metaverse Will Change the World 

Since the metaverse is bound to introduce augmented and virtual reality (VR), it will play a big role in shaping the future of different sectors. Here are a few fields where the metaverse is expected to make an impact. 


Education and Job Training 

Metaverse can offer a more active level of interaction between students and teachers. From activities to lessons, you can be sure that learning will be as real as life. It can promote more hands-on yet hands-free learning.  

For example, if students are studying history, metaverse’s virtual and augmented reality (AR) components can virtually transport students into a historical point in time. Even lifeless concepts in mathematics and computer science can become as lively as possible. You can see possible effects in the metaverse itself, exposing you to the fun side of learning and not just its difficulties.  

For companies, job training can also be inexpensive with metaverse. VR can be the perfect place for employers to assess your knowledge as a candidate or train you as a newly hired employee. Through it, leaders can analyze employee reactions and how they create solutions to current and future workplace problems. The metaverse can also help employers implement a broader range of learning courses and simulations for you, initiating your growth within the workplace without having to travel far or spend too much time and effort. 


Gaming and Entertainment 

These may be the most sought-after areas ever since the metaverse was released. However, gaming will never be the same as the iterations released in VRs and ARs aims to let players experience almost life-like situations that were once beneath colored screens.  

As an example, Mark Zuckerberg’s presentation video showed him experiencing the thrill of riding a surfboard alongside pro surfer Kai Lenny. Games such as Fortnite have also already moved past simple gameplay to create virtual realities where people hang out and even attend concerts of famous artists – right in the comfort of their homes!  

Additionally, people can get the experience of traveling right from the couch. Although not exactly like feeling the wind on your face, the metaverse can mimic the sceneries and experience of being away from home. This can be of great use for people who need access to expensive travel or have no time to do so. With the metaverse, rest and recreation can occur right after working hours. 


Social Relationships  

Today, almost everyone globally uses social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Zoom to connect with people – from families to coworkers. However, the metaverse promises that this connection will take further revolutionary steps. With VR, you can talk directly to your loved ones, share experiences with them, and be right beside the people you want to connect with.   

This would be beneficial, especially for work setups that require more than just video calls and PowerPoint presentations on screen. With a virtual shared space, people will see, hear, and feel each other, allowing everyone to send and receive vital information for organizational success while promoting camaraderie without leaving your house. 


Why the Metaverse is the Future of Work 

The day-to-day tasks of the workforce have become easier, thanks to technology. But how can we work with the current technology’s level up to the metaverse? Here are some of the many possible use cases. 


Companies will use metaverse technologies. 

Many companies are starting to use this technology, while others plan to create more immersive customer experiences using AR and VR.   

As the metaverse aims to create a virtual world, more remote jobs will be available. This technology will also enable the creation of virtual spaces where people can meet, work, develop new ideas, and carry on with most of their regular activities. With metaverse, these virtual workplaces can be present and available anytime. 


Marketing and advertising can be made easier and more effective in the metaverse. 

Gone are the days when the target customers only see and hear the marketing promises for products and services. With metaverse, customers can touch and experience products in a virtual trial. What is now the name of the game for brands? Virtually interactive customer experience.   

Brands will then be expected to pour in great efforts to give the best virtual experiences to their customers. For instance, several brands, including Hyundai Motor Company and Disney, have started advertising their products and services by creating online game tournaments and metaverse theme parks.  


Governments are adopting the metaverse culture gradually.  

In cities like Dubai, the government is gradually moving toward using the metaverse. For example, this city’s Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA) previously established a virtual headquarters in the sandbox metaverse so that it could keep track of the companies they regulate.  

As another example, the city of Shanghai in China announced a five-year plan focused on technologies such as metaverse, NFTs, and blockchain – all geared toward using digital currency and work opportunities. 

Lastly, the South Korean government allocated funds specifically for the startup and integration of the metaverse in their country. To support this, Dunamu, a financial technology company from Seoul, invested $385 million to create 10,000 Web 3 jobs in the country.


Metaverse Jobs You Can Look Forward To 

Exciting times are ahead as the physical marries with the digital world. As the metaverse continues to develop, here are some jobs to look out for and inspire you to prepare for in the future. 


1. Metaverse Research Scientist 

Metaverse research scientists may become one of the most important people in the Meta technology. They will be involved in architecture that follows the visions of people who want to use the metaverse as their tool, either for marketing, entertainment, and others.  

Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning are subjects where research scientists must be good. With the fundamental skill sets needed for this role, professionals such as software engineers, computer engineers, game developers, and data scientists can pivot their careers and explore as metaverse research scientists. AR and VR research scientists can also trade places with research scientists as both require a lot of intelligence and creativity. 


2. Ecosystem Developer and World Builder

Ecosystem developers must be skilled at scaling and realizing the potential of the metaverse. In addition, they must persuade governments to extend and integrate various metaverse features with existing programs. Like research scientists, ecosystem developers are expected to understand the VR and AR industry strongly.  

On the other hand, the metaverse world builder is like a video game developer and a metaverse designer merged into one. World builders are also tasked with considering virtual worlds’ social impacts. 


3. Marketing Expert and Business Analyst

These job roles have always been useful for building a business. However, these are even more important in the metaverse, mainly if entrepreneurs aim to employ them in their advertising and marketing platforms. The experiences of marketing experts in customer behavior and the business acumen of analysts will prove helpful in analyzing people’s responsiveness and acceptance of the metaverse.



With the metaverse bound to change how we work drastically and experience the world, how do you get your foot in the door of new opportunities from this virtual space?   

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