Launch Pad 

Minnesota IT Mentorship Program

As a leader in Information Technology (IT), you already know the incredible value of investing in better tools to stay competitive and keep up with new advances in the industry. This same strategy should extend to your growing workforce, as well. Having a pool of dedicated IT candidates, who desire to grow with your brand and enhance your service offerings, will ensure your company’s success today and in the future. One way to capitalize on the benefits of professional development is to adopt an IT mentorship program within your company.

What is an IT Mentorship Program?

An IT mentorship program helps connect industry experts within the IT field to individuals who desire to improve their skill sets, performance metrics, and career goals. There are numerous benefits to adopting an IT mentorship program for your business, including:

  • Inspires a creative culture within your company and a collaborative learning environment, where employees feel empowered to ask questions and step outside of their comfort zones.

  • Fosters employee loyalty and retention, which leads to reduced turnover rates. When employees feel you’re willing to invest in their futures, they’re more likely to invest in the mission of your company.

  • Promotes a sense of company-wide cooperation that creates higher job satisfaction.


Discover Launch Pad – Leading IT Mentorship Program

Launching and maintaining your own IT mentorship program takes time, dedication, and qualified resources. Launch Pad is an IT mentorship service created by On-Demand Group for organizations who are looking for talent they can mentor into their environment with support to ensure team members have what they need.

Our Launch Pad program helps set expectations and obtainable goals for each program member and provides boot camps, mentoring, peer networking, Subject Matter Expert (SME) workshops, and more for members to develop their skills and receive real-world experience. This means the moment they become a member of your team, they’re already equipped to manage their workload, problem solve issues, and become an invaluable asset to the company.

With On-Demand Group’s Launch Pad program, you never need to worry about sourcing, vetting, and mentoring new IT recruits again. Our program focuses on connecting organizations like yours with the best and brightest in the industry. Contact us today to learn more!