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The Story of On-Demand Group

IT staffing that’s all in the family

The Story of On-Demand Group

Heather Manley and Sean Manley

October 23, 2018

IT consulting and staffing services can often be a dime a dozen but not with On-Demand Group. From that inaugural day in 1996 when our Dad launched this company, On-Demand Group has been a family-owned business with family values. These characteristics have carried through the genes of this company into the services that we provide and how we treat our clients and employees.

Father and Son Partnership

Back in the 1990s, our Dad, Richard Manley, owned a company called Manley and Associates, which was an organizational management company. Our oldest brother, who had worked in the IT engineering industry, wanted to start an IT consulting company. To help him get the business off the ground, he engaged our Dad and started On-Demand Group.

Some of the company’s first clients included the City of Minneapolis, the State of Minnesota, and Berbee (acquired by CDW Corporation in 2006). We offered IT consulting and staffing services to clients across Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the greater metro area. From the beginning, our Mom, Hope, helped manage the back office. Amazingly, while driving a start-up, our family still managed to catch up over dinner together almost every night. As long as we can remember, our parents set an example for us to always work hard and make time for family.

Family values

The fact that On-Demand Group runs on family values is founded on the incredibly kind and generous character of our Dad. He was pivotal in helping us to understand morals and ethics, how to treat people, and how to give back to our community. He was an influential and respected pillar in the Burnsville, MN, community. He had an unusual gift of naturally putting everyone first and helping others, from his own family to people in the community.

Our family built On-Demand Group based on the Rotary Four-Way Test:

· Is it the TRUTH?

· Is it FAIR to all concerned?


· Will it be BENEFICIAL to all involved?

Our company continues to thrive on these principles today, carrying them into every decision we make, client we work with, and team member we hire.

Changing of the Guard

In 2003, our brother sold his share of the company to our Dad, making our Dad the sole owner, with our Mom still at the helm of the back office. A few years later, we were both looking at the next step in our own careers. For Heather, after reaching a learning ceiling as a general manager for a printing company, she was ready to expand into new areas of business. Sean, who had just finished his MBA, was ready to take on a different challenge.

After careful consideration, we both joined On-Demand Group in 2006, working alongside our parents. The two of us took our time to learn all aspects of the business and eventually Heather naturally moved into business strategy, roadmap planning, and branding and Sean moved into operations. For Heather, the experience opened doors to new opportunities and new clients. For Sean, this transition meant he could take the lead in operations and executing on the services that were sold. We changed our focus to generate true business partnerships with people who wanted to work with us and who valued our services and alignment with the Rotary 4-Way Test.

In 2008, we wanted our Dad to be able to focus on what he loved, including being involved with Rotary and spending time with family and friends, and agreed to buy him out of the company. With this strategic move, Heather became the CEO and Sean became the COO.

The Next Generation

Since re-inventing the company, we have expanded On-Demand Group’s offerings, growing our company 20% – 40% year over year. In addition to IT staffing, contract, and contract to hire, we now offer direct hire and have expanded our focus to all areas of IT. For example, we fill mid-level and senior-level positions in business analysis, data analytics, development, infrastructure, project management, quality assurance (QA), and security. We’ve also added offshoring services for Salesforce, data analytics, QA, and development projects in the Philippines. Plus, we have introduced Launch Pad, a program that focuses on the sourcing, training, and mentoring of future IT leaders. We’ll expand on each of these areas in future posts.

We have an environment of work hard, play hard and try to hire people who are intrinsically driven and are inspired to continually improve themselves professionally and personally. We want people who want to do bigger and better things.

Work-life balance is another important value. We encourage everyone to find the balance they need to do their work and still manage their life, whether it’s to get to an appointment, run to their kid’s games or activities, or be at family events.

Siblings, Without the Rivalry

As much as you might think we might bicker and argue as siblings, we work surprisingly well together, picking up where the other one leaves off. Everything Heather hates, Sean loves; and everything Sean hates, Heather loves. From the perspective of owning a business together, we are lucky to have this natural balance.

Ultimately, what’s most important to us is always what’s best for the business, our clients, and our employees…no egos allowed. Knowing that we are aligned on our core values and goals makes decision-making easy.

Join our Family!

For 22 years, the Manley family has been instrumental in providing IT staffing in Minnesota and nationwide. Even today, we carry our Dad’s vision, values, and beliefs forward, extending them to our employees and our clients. As part of his legacy, we continue to be actively involved in Rotary and deliver on its guiding principles of the Four-Way Test in everything we do. You won’t find many other staffing companies like ours.

Join our family! For your next IT project, visit the On-Demand Group website, or contact us! And, if you are looking for new opportunities in IT, review our open positions, and apply to join our family.