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Productization – Transforming an Application to a Product

Productization is an area that companies may grow in order to scale their business, increase revenue, and reduce operational costs. Productization is the process of converting a core service you offer into a product you can implement or market across a larger user base. It allows you to create a solution that is applicable to all of your customers or internal teams rather than offering a unique and customized solution for each customer or user individually.

As a technology consulting company, we often work with clients to build out specialized applications, systems, and software programs. Oftentimes these applications could be productized to serve a greater industry problem. Products are created to satisfy a need in the market and customized services fill the gaps where products do not exist. But frequently our clients are struggling with common and industry-wide challenges and the applications they seek to develop can be useful to others who work in the same arena.

Benefits of Productization

While productizing an application can lead to new external revenue streams, the architecture used to build this type of stable application can serve an organization even when there is no common end user in which to market a new product and disrupt an industry. Productization is a process that can also be implemented to resolve internal challenges as well. Standardizing an application can result in increased flexibility and configurability within the system while reducing long term development maintenance and ensuring overall code integrity.

Many customized applications are written in rigid code that ignores user interface standards and basic logic. Productizing an application can make the behavior and methodology consistent and will provide a better framework for evolving the application over time. This can create efficiencies in an organization and reduce long term costs. It is also a core principle for developing a product that is favorable in the market.

Implementing a Productization Strategy

While there are many benefits to productizing an application, it is not necessarily a simple process. It requires a diligent method of converting an existing service into a highly adaptable product that can apply to a bigger audience. It demands meticulous planning, testing, and sharpening. The experienced team of technology consultants and developers at On-Demand Group have the skills needed to transform an application to a compelling product that can be brought to market quickly or that will serve a better purpose for your internal needs.

Excellent customer service—whether internal or external–should always be top of mind when developing a new application or modifying an existing one. Productization helps alleviate the challenges faced when working through these end user requirements. Instead of building a highly customized application with never-ending consultation and support, you can rely on the tried-and-true process you’ve developed with a technology team like the experts at On-Demand Group to deliver a positive outcome for all stakeholders involved.