QA as a Competitive Advantage: How Quality Sets Successful Tech and Engineering Teams Apart 

QA as a Competitive Advantage: How Quality Sets Successful Tech and Engineering Teams Apart 
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Have you ever bought an item online that you found defective upon arrival? It could be a faulty gadget, a rip in your new shirt, or a subscription to a program that keeps crashing. It’s frustrating when this happens, and a waste of your time and money. It could be that these items didn’t undergo careful quality assurance and proper testing.

Quality Assurance (QA) is important in production. It involves monitoring and testing a product or operation to ensure it meets the desired quality before it is used continuously or released. It ensures that issues are avoided before the product reaches the market. Let’s learn from On-Demand Group’s (ODG) success stories to see how it can also benefit your own company or workplace.

Maintain Business Excellence with Quality Assurance 

Quality Assurance keeps your business as polished as it can be. It keeps your products and services free from errors that your audience may see or experience.

When the New York Times (NYTimes) laid off plenty of its copyeditors, it made way for the Twitter account called Typos of the New York Times. With nearly 39,000 followers and over 97,000 tweets, the account has made it its routine to publicly correct any typos the NYTimes had published.1 when the company lost its copyeditors, it made room for more errors with no one left to watch out for them.

To avoid this kind of scenario, companies must invest in QA staff. They cover the correction of errors and quality management in every major stage of the activity, not just at the end. This is so that any changes made can be minimal and exacting. The early detection of missed requirements starts from the creation of the functional narrative and scope.


Why Should an Organization Invest in QA? 

  1. QA saves time and money in the long run, as it can help avoid the back and forth of repairs and damage control between the company and the experts they hired.
  1. Finding the best experts to work with can also provide custom software development and mobile app creation that can help run the business and operations efficiently. Specific needs in your industry can be addressed better through this.
  1. Platforms may also be integrated with the best multi-layered security to protect consumer and client data and can keep your data sharing and transfers safer from malicious hackers and fraudulent actors.
  1. Investing in QA methods guarantees that training for the internal members and other collaborators will be necessary. This means that the ins and outs of your software development and assurance stages may become more familiar to your members and may be managed by them in case of emergencies.
  1. It can lead to customer satisfaction through your friendly procedures, so that your consumer count may only keep growing.


Success Story: Greenfield Development 

To meet consumer and distributor needs, a manufacturing company needed to create immediate scale and maturity for the deployment and support of digital platforms and CRM systems.

To improve client experience, ODG implemented and matured their QA process and tools to improve the quality of their features, thus reducing rework. Full-stack and end-to-end application software development, and unit testing were done.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) administration, development, and testing was done to help improve the ability of the business to manage their sales activity, buyer information, and distributor needs. Data Engineering, the phase of making raw data useful to data scientists and organizations, was done to support analytic reporting and quality of data in CRM.

This project was accomplished in less than a year and achieved scale velocity in 12 weeks. Development tools such as Net, Salesforce, SQL Server, Selenium, Jira, and Confluence were harnessed. Several full stack .NET developers, Salesforce developers/admins, data analysts/engineers, and QA analysts were involved in this project.


Development and Testing are Key for Successful Implementation 


1. Full-stack development is necessary for steady experience and regulation.

This may cover the front end or User Interface via HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and the back end in programming languages: Java, Python, and more. The backend also helps the application connect to other servers and databases for smooth handling of consumer and client data and sales.


2. CRM Testing helps identify if the target audience’s experience will go well.

This can help businesses build better relationships with their consumers, which can then lead to growth in their sales and buyer retention and loyalty.

When it comes to CRM tools, these should have simple interfaces that are easy to navigate. Data gathered through these may include contact details, conversations, and purchases.


Success Story: Hybrid Offshore Teams Support Development and QA Initiatives 

A client specializing in language translation needed additional resourcing to assist with the new features and enhancements of their core business legacy programs.

ODG addressed this challenge by letting their offshore members learn the features and functionality of the homegrown applications. The members then suggested enhancements to improve their performance to gain more market share. They also helped the client with the evolution and testing of their core legacy applications.

This project’s professionals were fully engaged for weeks, achieving a steady state velocity within a year. They harnessed C#, VSTS, GIT, AZURE, SQL Server, Forms over data, MVC, and UX. Quality Assurance Automation was also done through Jenkins, Test Rail, Jira, and Confluence.


Offshore and Assurance Teams  


1. Investing in QA staff through offshoring can lead to great progress.

Labor is part of the largest percentage of tech-related expenses. It may be tempting (and easy) to cut training and talent upskilling off your costs, but without the proper budgets, business wouldn’t be able to remain competitive. There should also be a budget for training on the latest procedures and tools.


2. Proper software testing methods can lead to digital transformation.

With the rapid innovations in tech, the kinds of application testing needed should also develop along with them. In the last few years, instead of forming traditional QA teams, companies have been moving toward multifaceted assurance groups that include an assortment of staff members such as testers, developers, and business users. This group performs testing from an end-user perspective.

In doing these testing approaches, assurance professionals can better help organizations see areas for improvement that their non-conventional workforce might miss, especially in software quality. These QA engineers know exactly where to look and can comply with development process phases. This includes Integration Testing, which involves the checking of individual components of a project to expose defects and issues, and to verify that the parts will work together as intended.2

Another stage is Acceptance Testing. This is performed to confirm if the system works as expected by the end users. This is the final stage of testing before the code is deployed for production.

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Quality Assurance Leads to Success 

A successful business always assures that their consumers and clients will have the best experience going through their offerings. Whichever corporation you plan to manage, form, or join, a thorough QA process will ensure that none of its operations will fail and that any mistakes can be easily recovered from.


We’ll Help you Maintain Your Business. 

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