Success Stories

Government Income Tax Processing Application

On-Demand Group worked with a government agency to develop a new web-based application to process income tax jobs.


This government agency needed help re-developing their internal application to process corporate tax returns. They needed a more secure system with an easier-to-use platform for users across various job roles.


On-Demand Group deployed engineering and development resources for the service layer and the lead for bridging the user interface and the database services. This new application was developed for managing web-based users and for processing XML corporate tax returns. The system included a rules engine for processing the tax returns. The On-Demand Group team co-led the enterprise service business that was used to orchestrate the entire process.


The team at On-Demand Group successfully assisted the agency in re-designing and re-developing their tax processing application. The project was delivered on time and under budget, creating a better user experience for all involved constituents and a more secure environment for the highly proprietary information.