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Government Transportation Agency Application Testing

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On-Demand Group worked with a government agency to test and evaluate their current applications and work through a migration plan.


The client needed a thorough evaluation of their current technology applications to determine best use cases, uncover issues, and discover opportunities for improvement.


On-Demand Group resources use detailed understanding of User Stories to develop test cases, then conduct and document the testing for the government agency’s applications. The expert team of technology consultants use their strong communication skills to work with Project Managers, other team members, and users/stakeholders to clarify requirements details, and bring out hidden assumptions by users.

They developed and executed test cases, documented results, recreated problems for Developers, and then re-tested fixes/changes before delivery. On-Demand Group resources also conducted business analysis with work using Agile methodologies.


The team at On-Demand Group successfully documented application functionality, uncovered issues and resolved problems within the 43 applications that the agency was using.

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