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HIX Architecture Review Project

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On-Demand Group assisted the IT department within a government agency to consult on the architecture in place for their Healthcare Information Exchange (HIX).


This state agency was in need of architecture to support a HIX system. Mandatory federal legislation required the agency to provide a platform for HIX and the agency was under a tight deadline to secure resources, applications, and systems for this rollout.


On-Demand Group had four team members that were engaged to support the effort including a technical project manager, a technical architect, and two business and management analysts to capture requirements for the overall downstream effort.  The team reviewed the current state of the Oracle implementation and environments that the state had accomplished to date.  They engaged in meetings and interviews with several agency key personnel from HIX and other bureaus to better understand the goals and objectives of the work, as well as the critical success factors.

The team engaged in a very detailed analysis of the Oracle environment and plans for the HIX and made several documented recommendations regarding the environmental design and the combinations of Oracle technologies that would best suit the state agency and HIX to enable it to most rapidly, efficiently and cost effectively allow for implementation.


We believe that our recommendations, which significantly differed from the path that was going to potentially be taken, saved the HIX program months of rework and will enable a more flexible architectural design.  The results of the work done by the team have enabled the state to meet key milestone dates on HIX by the deadline required, as well as further into the year when mandatory federal implementation dates had to be met.

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