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ODG’s Technologists in Residency Program: Where Fractional Talent Meets Growth Opportunities 

Working for the same organization for years may leave you wanting something fresh and new. You’ve sat in the same seat for years and already memorized every corner of the same business processes. It’s not that you’re bored or tired. You just need to cultivate every area you cherish.

If you’re an expert in need of new growth opportunities, your skills are needed by multiple organizations. Join the On-Demand Group’s Technologists in Residency Program (TRP) to leverage your expertise. See first for yourself what a fractional structure is to know if it’s for you.

There’s a Heightened Need for Interim Leaders 

Hiring fractional is the new trend. The competitive business environment is even more heightened by today’s economic uncertainty. With it comes the need for more on-demand high-end talents, reflecting the need for companies to be more flexible in bringing new candidates that will help them navigate the drastic changes in markets.

In the 2023 High-End Independent Talent Report by Business Talent Group (BTG), it was found that there’s a 116 percent yearly increase in the need for interim leaders across all levels of businesses. This need has risen by 78 percent in the C-Suite.

What contributes to this demand for experts are the technological transformations in all industries and the continued interest of businesses in optimization. IT and tech transformation projects are currently in demand. The system implementations rose by 20 percent due to the heavy investment of organizations in capitalizing on tech advancements


Preparing for Fractional Work: What You Need to Know 

If you’re a leadership expert who’s always looking to try working in various industries, try fractional work. Here are the things you would need to know before getting into SME fractional work:


Fractional work is different from part-time jobs.


Part-time Job 

This lets a fractional executive commit to a single company. In this setup, you take a part-time position to fill a vacancy in a business. You set a schedule with an employer and get paid hourly. The advantage of this is that you may get the chance to be employed full-time or to get a raise in compensation.

Part-time work lets you attend shifts that are less than what is required of a full-timer. You may only be working less than 30 hours a week.


Fractional Work 

This work setup is a bit more similar to freelancing or contract work. It will allow you to work with a variety of employers. You get to work with them by splitting your time between them and setting fixed-term work. Your total work hours may end up looking like that of a full-timer’s.²


Fractional work is for you if you want to maximize your skill sets.

Fractional work lets you cover multiple unique projects in various industries with very different needs. Each business may require you to use a certain expertise to help them that may be different from what another company needs.

For example, you may have experience in finance and your knowledge of banking matters such as credit cards and loans may be needed in one company. You may also end up in a company in the tech industry for your expertise in security processes if you’re knowledgeable in that area.


Fractional work requires you to split your time between businesses.

Your schedule will be in your hands. Through this work setup, fractional employees can be employed by multiple business owners by customizing their schedules to accommodate their work hours for each company. You can work for as many companies or clients as desired and work eight hours a day or more.

In doing so, make sure that you’ll still be able to meet multiple expectations. Using a journal or activity tracker will always be helpful so that you wouldn’t miss a crucial step in any project.


Fractional work can mitigate risks.

Working with multiple companies gives a fractional executive a more heightened sense of security. If a business decides to discontinue your services with them, you will always have another job somewhere else.


Fractional work can grow your network.

Working with multiple companies and being a part of a fractional team can widen your network. You can always tap them to know where you can work next and be the first to know if there are any big changes in specific industries that you should be aware of.

Qualities That Will Get You Hired as a Fractional SME


Be a Proactive Leader 

Give the management peace of mind by identifying the areas a business can improve upon and providing solutions. Succeeding in the implementation of these solutions can build their trust in you, which can lead them to recommend you to other businesses they know of.


Be an Outstanding Communicator 

The way you converse with others affects your work with them. To provide the best solutions, learn to listen carefully and thoroughly. Ask when something is unclear to you and be open to the suggestions of the internal members of the company.

When communicating your strategies, be sure to include every detail so that the company you work for knows what to do even when your contract is up.6 You can leave them detailed guides if you think they can understand the process better that way.


Grow with the TRP Community 

ODG designed the TRP community to bridge the gap for interim leaders and to open opportunities for those looking to engage in fractional consulting. If you’re looking for the next business to work with, you may want to see for yourself the advantages the group may bring you:


  • You will be working with clients exclusive to ODG to help them process and solve complex problems. These clients are in need of fractional expertise, consulting from 5 to over 40 hours a week, or direct hire.
  • Your core skills, rates range, and schedule will be matched with the right clients. Exact rates are only established after an SME connects with a client and understands the need, skills, and hours required for the job.
  • No cost for SMEs like you to participate.
  • There is a wide variety of focus for you to get into: Technology, Marketing, Operations, Finance, and more.


Find a community that can help accelerate your career. 

Be confident in your expertise and be ready to take the lead. Whichever project you dream of handling next, having a connection with like-minded people can help you to acquire that job more quickly. Build strong, genuine connections that you can grow with.



On-Demand Group will get you connected to companies you can work with through its TRP Community. Contact us now!



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