Access to Specialized Leadership Expertise On-Demand

ODG’s Technologists in Residency Program (TRP)
delivers swift, streamlined access to a handpicked community of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) ready to tackle your most complex projects. With TRP, you benefit from the speed and simplicity of accessing known experts across a range of disciplines, precisely when you need it.

Ready to tap into ODG's Elite Network of Tech & Management Leaders?

Clients can send us an email at for access to the TRP Portal.

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The TRP Advantage

Exclusive Community

TRP is an invite-only community that connects our clients to a select group of SMEs. From cutting-edge tech to financial acumen, this program allows seamless access when you need it.

Adaptable Flexibility

TRP adjusts to your unique business rhythm, offering everything from fractional consulting to  comprehensive, full-time executive leadership — all aligned with your schedule and operational demands.

Seamless Accessibility

Experience the convenience of direct access to our
TRP portal. With no additional fees and zero contract complexities, you’re a login away from the expertise you need.

Diverse Expertise

Engage with a dynamic roster of professionals that vary from veteran architects to former C-Suite executives. As your needs evolve, our expanding community of experts evolves with you.

How to Use the TRP

Here's how you can leverage the full power of our network.


Delve into our diverse pool of SMEs, each profile offering
insight into their skills and
experience. The ability to search by need ensures swift results.


Easily reach out to experts with the ‘Connect Me’ feature for immediate engagement. After an in-take call, the connection is made.


Start a partnership with your chosen SME, fully supported by ODG’s trusted ecosystem,
with no need for additional contracts.