Success Stories

Airline Website Takes Flight

On-Demand Group developed and deployed a new website and applications to improve customer experience and enhance crew operations for an airline company.


Our transportation client in the airline industry partnered with On-Demand Group to develop a user-friendly website that would provide customers with the ability to book and manage their flights online. The website also needed to include information about current promotions, airfare sales, and external links to hotel and rental car partners. Additionally, passengers needed the ability to select their specific seats, purchase travel insurance, and have the ability to check in and make changes to their bookings online.


On-Demand Group developed and deployed a website that provided these functions along with integrating with the client’s backend systems.  Some of the functions and projects tackled during this build included:

  • Online flight booking
  • Passenger check-in
  • Mobile boarding passes
  • Customer loyalty service program
  • Flight information display system development
  • Application for airport agents to facilitate check-in and boarding passengers
  • Integration with financial reporting software
  • Integration with crew operations software
  • Development of other airline operations software


The website and associated applications that On-Demand Group deployed provided customers with more flexibility in purchasing tickets and managing their bookings online. This led to increased sales and provided the client with more opportunity for growth. Further, the backend efficiencies and integrations that our expert technology team implemented alleviated problems for airline staff and their crew operations teams.