Success Stories

Crew Operations Project for an Emerging Airline

On-Demand Group helped an emerging airline carrier replace key legacy operations systems that had been in place for nearly 25 years. Learn how we enhanced security, flexibility, and efficiency with our experienced project and development team.


Our airline client was in need of replacement of certain key legacy operations programs including a critical crew scheduling system. Many of these systems had been in place for nearly 25 years and had received little attention over the past decade. The old system was written in code that was hard to maintain and the operating system was no longer supported.


On-Demand Group developed a replacement program with an internally developed and supported system. This included converting all historical data into the new program and integrating a new crew scheduling system. We integrated schedule planning, maintenance data, and a crew qualification system into the new platform – all while integrating with more than 20 additional systems and the Sabre and TRAX software.


The new system we developed brought the airline into the modern age in terms of ground handling management. Our solution included mobile access, airport flight information feeds across the airline network, and flight information updated in real-time. Through a Content Management System deployment, we were also able to support regular business unit updates in the new environment.

The updated system also provided enhanced security through internal and external applications and by providing flexibility around user and application permissions. Further, we deployed full database replication to allow for no down time during any maintenance periods. These features streamlined operations systems for the airline and helped alleviate management issues with their crew.