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Tax Agency Database Migration Project

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On-Demand Group worked with a government agency to migrate existing data warehouse data to a new server.


This government agency was facing the challenge of migrating a large amount of data from one system to a new server. This required thorough planning and expert development assistance.


On-Demand Group development resources assisted with the migration of existing data warehouse data to a Microsoft SQL server. They modified existing Informatica mappings and workflows to source and target the new SQL server instead of the existing database server. These code modification activities included:

  • Metadata analysis
  • Custom development of a modification tool
  • Manual modification
  • Unit testing


The team at On-Demand Group successfully assisted the agency in migrating the data and testing and analyzing all the code changes and new mappings. We were able to complete this project within an expedited timeline by utilizing an automated process that was written by our developers. Ultimately, these changes and technology innovations improved the agency’s tax processing system.

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