Success Stories

Improving Scalability for a National SaaS Company


A national SaaS Company was experiencing numerous scalability challenges (People/Process/Technology) due to acquisitions and business dynamics changing in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The first challenge the client encountered was choosing a cloud architecture in which to migrate because the existing data center solution was cost prohibitive to scale. The second challenge they faced was aligning people to roles that complemented the cloud solution that was chosen. Lastly, the team and technology needed to be aligned with an Agile DevOps framework.


On-Demand Group conducted an analysis of current technology stack used for their SaaS product and determined that AWS better aligned with the tech stack and had a quicker implementation path. After aligning people with roles needed to support an Agile DevOps framework, it was determined that the development velocity was not acceptable so ODG created an offshore development team to augment the client’s onshore team.


With ODG’s help in solidifying the platform, the team could quickly scale up and down cloud architecture and increase development velocity. This allowed their product to dynamically change to fit customers’ needs during this challenging business environment and for the business to ultimately thrive.