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Massive Data Consolidation Project for State Government

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On-Demand Group was commissioned by the IT department within a government office to assist with a huge data consolidation project to streamline information across all agencies and boards.


After state legislation required the consolidation of data under the state Chief Information Officer, our government client was faced with a massive project that needed expert technology guidance and resources to achieve.


Using expert staff from On-Demand Group, our team provided project leadership with key technical support resources. We led the data security research and analysis by gathering all access requirements, streamlining the process to update system access, and submitting all security requests.

During the consultation process, the On-Demand Group team developed a SharePoint site that provided a centralized web-based solution for HR forms, approval workflows, and a document library. Our project leadership team managed the relationship with HR and even assisted with the documentation necessary to obtain funding for product enhancements.


On-Demand Group managed the transfer of 1,800 state employees from 37 agencies and boards under this project. The project was continuously ahead of schedule and on budget. Due to very detailed planning, the client experienced no system issues or unexpected downtime. This type of project has only been done once in state government and is a demonstration of On-Demand Group’s unique capabilities to lead.

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