5 Reasons Why You Should Talk to a Recruiter

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With different online remote work platforms to choose from when looking for employment, talking to a recruiter can be the last thing on your mind—whereas it should be the starting point.

Technology and digital communication have allowed candidates and recruiters to connect in virtual and private spaces, leading to convenience in reaching one another and matching employment opportunities. However, some positions may still be challenging to achieve. Connecting with a recruiter can help guarantee access to various roles and increase your chances of landing a job that perfectly fits your preferences, skills, and experiences.


Why Do You Need to Work with a Recruiter?

Even if you’re employed, you can still discuss your options for future employment with a recruiter. Recruiters will gladly help you write a resume or practice for an interview, especially for junior associates.

The benefits of talking to a recruiter can outweigh any anxiety or reservations in the job search process. A legitimate recruiter can connect you to people and opportunities you may have thought you were unfit for. Here are some reasons why speaking to a recruiter is one of the best things you can do for your career:


1. Recruiters are HR professionals.

With years of experience in screening and processing applicants, recruiters are specialists in finding suitable candidates to join a business. Organizations usually hire internal personnel to discover, evaluate, and choose candidates. However, you can also look for candidates with the external services of a staffing firm like On-Demand Group.

Many recruiters attempt to become well-versed in the field that needs a vacancy. Some recruiters are even from the same industry they’re hiring for, further enhancing their knowledge and understanding of the field. This is because their job requires different levels of flexibility in handling and relaying information.


2. They understand contemporary workplaces.

Recruiters are familiar with the workplace culture and can help you decide if this organization is best for you. You can ask questions that will allow you to understand working for a specific company as they are matchmakers in the human resource industry.

Even for outsourced recruiters, studying and understanding the workplace dynamics and culture of the client company is a priority. Each company has its unique approach to work and environment, and recruiters are tasked to find candidates who will thrive in the organization. They will dig enough to understand where you’ll fit, even if it’s your first time conversing with a recruiter.


3. They want you to be hired.

Recruiters genuinely want you hired and will do their best for you. If you have the right skills and expertise, rest assured that these recruiters will have your back. They’ll focus on your credibility and suitability to increase your chances of getting hired. You can trust that your recruiters have your best interest at heart.

Suppose a new company hired you through your recruiter’s efforts. You start to thrive, grow, and utilize your skills. This directly reflects and benefits them, gaining more trust from their peers and client company. So, ensuring your employment success is a mutually beneficial endeavor.


4. Talk to a recruiter to prepare for the next steps.

Since recruiters want you to be hired, they will likely help fix your resume format and prepare for an interview. In-house or outsourced, a recruitment expert will have an eye for detail and the knowledge of questions that need addressing during an interview.

While there are many functions in HR, most recruiters are knowledgeable in their department. They can immediately understand your capacities and suggest areas you may need to develop to help you reach your goal. Perhaps you need to learn more tools in IT to understand more about the latest trends in the market or the right skills in leadership roles. Regardless of your concern, recruiters can help.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to switch or change careers, recruiters can still help you throughout your journey. You can practice interviewing with them or ask for tips on answering interview questions.

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5. Gains win over anxiety.

After talking to recruiters, you will have a range of compensation based on your skills and experiences. Talking to outsourced recruiters can help you compare the salaries for the same position, learn about industry fluctuations, or discover new industries you might be interested in.

Also, you can verify with your recruiter any information and salary expectations you may have researched online, giving you a better estimation and allowing you to position yourself better during interviews. On-Demand Group, for example, can help you with compensation negotiations, giving you more chances of getting a job you deserve based on your skills and experiences.

If you’re not interested in the current job openings, you can always refer to colleagues and friends who may be looking for an opportunity. Remember, there is so much to gain and nothing to lose when you talk to a recruiter.


Essential Tips for Working with Recruiters

When you are ready to talk to a recruiter, after knowing the benefits, prepare for the conversation. Here are some things you need to understand before contacting your recruiter:


1. Have your files ready when you talk to a recruiter.

A recruiter will work on what they have. It is best to provide them with information relevant to the work you want to pursue. If you’re interested in switching careers, be sure to disclose everything. This includes:

  • Soft and technical skills
  • Training and apprenticeship
  • All your past experiences, both good and bad
  • Qualifications and certificates
  • Developmental plans
  • Personal concerns that might affect work


2. Express your professional boundaries and respect theirs.

Remember that this is a professional relationship. Share your preferences, expectations, and requirements with the recruiter to make your application more attractive. Be open and transparent with everything you need. Let them know if you’re also looking for jobs on different platforms or express your desire for a better role than your previous one. This will help your recruiters find better opportunities to meet your expectations.


3. Set mutual expectations.

Setting expectations with your recruiter also saves them time. Think about what you want in your employment and what your values are.

  • Is your salary expectation non-negotiable?
  • Are you open to temporary or direct hire?
  • Do you require specialized training?
  • Are you willing to be trained?
  • What kind of work culture are you looking for?

Knowing and expressing your unique preferences can help your recruiter match your needs to a specific employer. However, it’s still advisable to be flexible and have room for negotiations to ensure you have enough choices.

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4. Research their legitimacy.

Beware of job recruitment scams. The best way to know if you’re talking to a genuine recruiter is to research their background.

  • Do they have a website?
  • How about a physical office?
  • Can you read about them beyond their social media page?
  • Can you find any testimonials about them?
  • Is the offer too good to be true?
  • Are your contacts on professional sites like LinkedIn?

Once you determine if they’re real, remember to only work with recruitment agencies with solid human resource management experience. Years of experience, qualifications, and even industry awards all matter and will increase your chances of finding the job that suits you best.



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