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5 Reasons Why You Should Talk to a Recruiter

With different online platforms to choose from when looking for employment, talking to a recruiter can sometimes be the last thing on your mind. Technology and digital communication have allowed spaces that ensure privacy while expanding and maintaining connections. Even with this convenience, specific employment opportunities may still need to find their way to you.

Connecting with a recruiter can help you with that. Even if you are employed, you can still have your options for future employment discussed with them. Especially those who have little to no work experience, they will be more than willing to help you with resume writing and even practice the interview with potential work supervisors.

The benefits of talking to a recruiter can outweigh any anxiety or reservations you may have. A legitimate recruiter can connect you to people and opportunities you may have thought you were unfit for.

Here are some reasons why speaking to a recruiter is the best thing you can do for yourself and your career;

1. Recruiters are human resource professionals

A recruiter is a specialist who finds candidates to join or work for a business. Companies and organizations frequently employ recruiters internally or externally to discover, evaluate, and choose candidates. They are professionals with qualifications, training, and sometimes years of experience in screening and processing candidates.

Many recruiters attempt and become well-versed in the field that needs a vacancy. This is because being a recruiter requires different levels of flexibility in handling and relaying information. In some cases, they may come from the industry they are hiring for, as this equips them further in learning trends in that field to help them with their career goals.


2. They have an in-depth understanding of the workplace.

They are the ones who are familiar with the workplace culture and can help you decide if this is the best location for you. You can ask them questions that help enlighten you and allow you to imagine working for the company or client they have. They are the matchmakers of the human resource industry.

Even for outsourced recruiters, studying and understanding the workplace dynamics and culture of the client company is a priority. Each company has its unique approach and ecosystem, so recruiters will have an easier understanding of which candidates will thrive when hired.


3. They want you to be hired and thrive

Recruiters genuinely want you hired, meaning that they will fight for you. They will negotiate with you and their hiring managers if they believe you are the best candidate for the job. They will most likely only discuss your credibility and suitability with the bosses. You can trust that your recruiters have your best interest at heart.

When you thrive in the job placement they found for you, it directly reflects their skills and it, in turn, benefits them. Their company or clients will trust their abilities and judgment in recruitment. Making sure you are hired, and thriving is mutually beneficial.

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4. They can help you prepare for the recruitment process

Since recruiters want you to hired, they are also more likely to help you with tasks such as fixing your resume format to preparing for an interview. In-house or outsourced, a recruiter will have an eye for detail and the knowledge of questions that need addressing during an interview. Recruitment is only one part of the human resource profession.

As recruiters are exposed to different facets of HR, they will know and be open with you on which areas you need to develop to reach a goal or milestone you have. Perhaps you need training in the latest trends in your field. If you are someone who wants to switch or is already switching careers, they can inform you steps in going through the journey. They can also practice the interview with you and give you tips on the appropriate answers to get the best result.


5. The gains can outweigh the anxiety

Talking to a recruiter has considerable gains for you. You will better gauge how much compensation you need for your skills and experience. Talking to outsourced recruiters can help you compare the salaries for the same position. You can learn about the changes in your industry and industries of interest. It will be easier to verify information available online with a professional who works closely in hiring for those industries.

If you are not interested in the companies with vacancies, you can endorse your friends who may need work or are eager to switch careers. Discussing employment options with a recruiter can help you or someone you know. Always remember that you have so much to gain and nothing to lose with a recruiter.

When you are ready to talk to a recruiter after knowing the benefits, you should prepare before speaking to a recruiter. Here are some things you need to know before hiring your recruiter:


  • Have Your Files Ready

A recruiter will work on what they have. It is best to provide them with information relevant to the work you want to pursue. You could be interested in switching careers. Be sure to disclose any training, apprenticeship, or qualification you have done or will take to know if it would help. Have your documents ready for reviewing and editing if needed.


  • Express Your Professional Boundaries and Respect Theirs

Remember that this is a professional relationship. Learn and express your professional boundaries and work with them to make your application most attractive. Your recruiter wants you to be hired and is responsible for working well with your new employers. Wanting you hired is not mutually exclusive to protecting their business.


  • Set Mutual Expectations

Setting expectations with your recruiter also saves them time. Think about what you want to receive and give for this professional relationship so that it is beneficial to both parties. Is your salary expectation non-negotiable? Are you open to temporary to direct hire? Knowing and expressing your non-negotiables can also help your recruiter tell their expectations of you as their candidate.


  • Research their Legitimacy

Beware of job recruitment scams. The best way to know if you are talking to a legitimate recruiter is to research their backgrounds. Do they have a website? How about a physical office? Can you read about them beyond their social media page?

Only work with recruiters who have solid experience in human resource management. Check if their business is registered to know if you can hold them accountable. Years of experience, qualifications even industry awards all matter.


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