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ODG Deploys Loan Tracking System for Government Agency

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On-Demand Group assisted a government agency in developing a proprietary, web-based system to support a loan program. Learn how our expert team successfully deployed a highly secure and user friendly system to increase efficiency for their organization.


Our government client was in need of a web-based system that would provide accounting, contracting, reporting, and recordkeeping support for loan services. The system needed to serve three different sets of users: local government units (LGUs), lenders, and internal staff. These unique user roles would need to access the program on a web-based platform and perform tasks respective to their security clearance and rights. The program also needed to include a geographic locating system, to record the location of a project using an online mapping component. Further, the system needed to accommodate expanded data sources and user roles in the future.


On-Demand Group developed an integrated web-based program that fulfilled the respective needs of their three user groups. The system was built to support the following functions:

  • Appropriations to the loan program
  • Allocations to LGUs
  • Loan approval by LGUs
  • Loan issuance to lenders
  • Repayment tracking from Lenders
  • Reporting as required or requested by all user groups


The program that was executed by On-Demand Group met the specific needs of this government client and was highly secure and user friendly. The new system supported the functions of this agency while remaining efficient to maintain with a capacity to handle a large user database. Expanded reporting capabilities provided staff with essential insights on the loan program activity and status.

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