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Career Advice, IT Consulting

No-Code and Low-Code Technologies: The New Skills for Tech Careers in 2024 and Beyond 

Master no-code and low-code tech skills for your future in tech. Learn, adapt, and thrive beyond 2024.  

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Compliance, Employer

The Key to Leadership Is to Know When to Push or Pull 

Effective leadership is the key to success. Discover the crucial role of leadership in organizations and learn how to strike a balance between taking charge and empowering your team to reach their full potential. 

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Contracting Solutions: Leveraging Contract Work for Project Momentum 

Discover the benefits of collaborative contracting for your projects. Foster cooperation, enhance efficiency, and build long-term    

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Offshore Support, Staffing

Onshore, Offshore, and Nearshore Staffing: Everything You Need to Know 

Looking to expand your team? Choose between onshore, offshore, and nearshore staffing options to find the perfect fit for your needs. 

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Employee Experience

From Sabbaticals to 4-Day Work Weeks: The Employee Benefits That Matter Most in 2023 

A fantastic benefits package may be the key to getting the employee you really want. Read on to find out how to reel them in. 

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Career Advice

ODG’s Technologists in Residency Program: Where Fractional Talent Meets Growth Opportunities 

Whether you’re looking for a more flexible work schedule or looking for additional income, here are some reasons the TRP community may be for you. 

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Employee Experience, Offshore Support

IT Resourcing in the Digital Age: How Offshore and Nearshore Talent Can Help Meet Growing Demand 

In today’s world of work, “offshore” and “nearshore” are the latest buzzwords. Here’s a quick guide about offshore and nearshore hiring. 

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Employee Experience

The Center of Humanistic Technology is Purpose 

In today’s employee-centric workplace, leaders should know how to inspire their employees to find purpose in their work. Here are a few tips to get you going! 

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Employee Experience, Staffing

A CIO’s Guide to Hiring: 20 Questions to Ask to Hire the Best IT Talent in 2023 

You’re the leader and you’re looking for a new guy. How do you get the employee that you really want? Just ask the right questions. Read on to find out what they are! 

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