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On-Demand Group Humanistic Technology Services

At On-Demand Group, we focus on delivering award-winning technology consulting services for individual and project needs while building authentic and transparent connections with our team members and clients. Our mission is to help our clients remove barriers and burdens while building integrity rich partnerships that have lasting impact.


national awards


of ODG consultants have an average of 10+ years industry experience


fill ratio (over 50% better than industry standards)


years industry experience

Individual Consulting

Easily cut down on overhead costs while ensuring that your company is technologically driven and secure with our consulting services.

Project Based Consulting

With ODG’s project capability pillars we have a designated team that can help you tackle your project and achieve business objectives.

Direct Hire

We have the network and reputation to tell your story and find the right team members that not only match your technology needs but also fit your culture.

Offshore Support

Help save your IT team time and money, streamline your processes, add experience and skillsets, and add serious flexibility with our offshore support.

Custom Solutions

As a leading consulting partner, ODG can assist your company in achieving business goals through technology solutions tailored just for you.

Success Stories

Find out how other companies are benefitting from our technology solutions and consulting expertise.


Greenfield Development to Standing Up QA

A customer specializing in engineered manufacturing needed to create immediate scale and maturity for development and support of digital platforms and CRM system to meet consumer and distributor needs.

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Operations, Application Delivery, and Data & Analytics

A customer specializing in educational services needed additional technical resource bandwidth to support an existing application with development, testing and support.

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Professional Services

Hybrid On/Offshore Teams Support Development and QA Initiatives

A customer specializing in language translation needed additional development resourcing to help with new feature development and enhancements to core business legacy software.

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Tech Talk

Discover technology solution insights, in-depth IT knowledge, and experience from the On-Demand Group thought leaders.

Career Advice

IT Professionals Day 2023: Celebrating the Brilliant Minds Driving Technological Innovation 

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Employee Experience, Employer

Out of Goodbyes: 8 Key Reasons Why Employees Leave 

If you want to understand why a lot of employees quit their jobs, then you have to look into their needs in both their professional and personal lives. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why employees leave to help you understand what influences their decisions. This can give you a better idea of what…

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Career Advice

On-Demand: 6 Best IT Skills to Have in 2024 

In the wake of technological advancement, industries worldwide are experiencing transformative shifts in their operational tools and methodologies. The wave of digital transformation has ushered in a new era of work, particularly within the realm of Information Technology. As a professional in this industry, keeping pace with these changes can pose a challenge. Questions like…

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